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Reception of Non Permanent Lecturer of Faculty of Public Health Sriwijaya University

19 Februari 2018, 15:07

Currently informed Sriwijaya University Public Health Faculty opens the registration of non permanent lecturers for 3 study programs namely S1 Nutrition Study Program, S1 Environmental Health...

New Student Admissions S2 and S3 Program Postgraduate Program Unsri Odd Semester Academic Year 2018-2019

19 Februari 2018, 09:39

Informed to prospective New Student of S2 and S3 Program of Graduate Program of Sriwijaya University that Graduate Program of Sriwijaya University plans to open new student registration of Odd...

Verification of Competency Test of Indonesian Public Health Expert

09 Februari 2018, 15:41

Based on a letter from the National Committee of Competency Test of Indonesia Public Health Expert No. 014/KN-UKAKMI/II/2018 dated February 8, 2018 regarding the Application for Verification of...

Yudisium Bachelor and Master of Public Health

06 Februari 2018, 13:49

Monday (05/02/2018) has been conducted Yudisium Faculty of Public Health held in Room III Meeting Room FKM Unsri held lively. This yudisium was attended by 23 graduates of Public Health and 4...